Prayer and Graces

Grace at Meal Times is a fun way of saying grace either by yourself, with your family, or when guests come over. Simply print out these cards, which are printed so you can print them on business card paper, and put them in a box. You can create your own and add them to the deck as well!

Prayer Origami

Prayer Origami

This is a creative practice that reminds me of my elementary school days. It is imagined as a way to creatively engage in prayer, grace, or begin a conversation.

Creative Prayer Practices
Thankful for
Prayer is something we engage in on a regular basis – in our worship together, in small groups, before meetings, or at home, we pray to call God into our midst and call upon God to help us in what we are doing. If you are looking at  prayer practices and wondering what else you can do, you want to try something new, or begin a new practice, here are a few ideas to get you started. They can be used with many different age groups and in a wide variety of settings.


Episcopal Youth in Mission Manual
Mission Mondays
Inspiring Mission


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